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Hi gangI'm ordering a cooling rack for the bakery and am looking at the wire cooling grids.. I don't understand the spacing stuff on the website I'm looking to order from.. I've copied and pasted two different descriptions in the hope one of you can help poor old simple me x762 x 457 Flat grid (50x50) BZP for cooling / processing.30"x18" (2x2) 762 x 457 Flat grid (5x0.5) BZP for placing cooling / processing.30"x18"(5 x 0.5)
Also in the UK and would like to get some as well ;p
Tanks you v much but thats just a clip x
Does anyone have a recording of DC Cupcakes Takes New York episode?. We can't get it in the UK and am very curious to see this particular episode?Thank youx
GangWeird thing... Some of our cupcakes are coming out of the oven with what look like sugar scum on the top! First I thought it was uncooked batter but it's not.When this "sugar scum"dries it looks crusty.Any ideas what it is / what might be causing it?x
Ladies and GentsWe are opening a bakery in the UK and I'm trying to find the Cupcake Courier transport inserts! No the courier itself but the trays inside. I have heard that a company in Holland sells them.. anyone else aware of anywhere that does?X
The one I'm talking about is the one on page one of this topic! If you scan the ingredients you'll see what I mean.
GuysSeeing as this recipe has buttermilk should it not have about 1 tsp of baking soda rather than baking powder? Just wondering
I's still searching!Vogue - a brand thats common in the UK gets really mixed reviews. I can get Chicago Metallic in the UK bet at about $100 each they are pricey. Have been thinking about trying to import some from the US?
Ladoes and gents Hello from the UK. I'm a big fan of swirling techniques - like the ones used at Georgetown Cupcake. I find this easy to do with cream cheese frosting but getting the BC to that same consistency is difficult. I'm an experienced baker and have played around with their BC recipe and can't get the consistency anything like... It's either way to airy and whipped or too thick to swirl properly. Any suggestions? B x
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