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Sounds to me like the Mother has that syndrome where they want their child to be sick to get attention. NUTS is correct .
No kidding . I loved this thread .
Cotton Candy ? Ive seen it all around in stores in large containers for about $4 and small bags for about a $1. I bought a small bag of candy cane flavored at Kmart and it tasted great, I also saw some at the Dollar tree. Ive seen it at Walmart and Target also.
I would have said $50 !!!! WOW maybe you should give ME her number . Haha . I dont think the average person has a clue about cake decorating.
Starbucks cake pops taste like Dog-POO ! 
Asking something like " should a cream cheese frosted cake be warmed up before serving " shows how many people have no cooking or baking  skills these days. I bet more than half the nation eats out every night . But that in itself is a whole different topic .  
So true ! some people feel so entitled to get cheap or free not just in the cake business .
Now there's one I had not heard before ~
yea but it was on aluminum foil and a mess you get what you pay for
I so agree and I commend AllaMarie for having the guts to do it ! :) The client sounds like a real Biotch. I bet you got her good .
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