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Lol I guess what makes this more difficult is I don't even have a base price for my cupcakes. I had started my business in Egypt so the pricing there for everything is so different! Yea I definitely agree practice time and tools are an investment which is why I'm not expecting to make much profit immediately off this order. I was wondering more so for when/if I get an order like them again. Thanks a lot for your advice! 
I've gotten a request for 12 cupcakes in this style (this is the screenshot she sent me) and have no idea how to price these!! Keeping in mind I've just started out recently and probably have to buy a lot of the tools I know I'm not going to make much if any profit off of them I just have no clue what to charge!   
I've been asked to do this cake for a friend but I'm not sure how to achieve the color on the bottom and get the proper ombro effect?! Also do you guys recommend using fondant for the petals or gumpaste?      
Awesome! Thank you guys for the advice, I never thought to check out eBay I was spending all this time looking for different websites to check out but I'm guessing eBay has awesome deals on things. and -K8memphis thank you for the congrats! Wish me luck I need it out here :) 
Hi! I'm currently in the process of starting a cake business in Egypt. Tools are very expensive and not easy to come by out here and the people that bring cake decorating tools to sell mark up the prices outrageously. I lived in the states and my family is still out there so I plan to make a trip and to stock up on tools.   I already have a loot of different tools, I've been doing cake decorating as a hobby since 2008 so I've collected a lot of over the paste few...
thanks! i will definitely give that a try
Hi I'm new to cake central but I need help! I bought a tub of Duff purple and was wondering if anyone has used it and attempted to darken it to a darker more plum purple?!
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