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CC really needs a 'like' button
I made passion fruit curd.  It was very difficult to find pure passion fruit juice.  I ended up with a GOYA brand bottle of passion fruit juice.  I did not care for the end result it just tasted 'sweet' could not find any prevalent flavor.  However I found the recipe was quite diff from the one I used for grapefruit curd which was absolutely delish
 L I K E
Do a forum search.  There are multiple threads that will assist you in pricing
If it were me I think I would blow up a food safe glove & dip it in white chocolate.  Not sure how I would secure it while the chocolate dried though.  then afer it hardens I would just snip the glove to deflate & remove.  Kinda of like the paper mache puppets we made in school...hope that helps
I'm curious if you will also be making the wedding cake as a paid for cake?  If not doyou really want someone elses cake next to your cake?  If the wedding cake is yucky people may think you made it too.
maybe tried the 'boiled' fristing & use splenda instead of sugar...never tried it but it is all I can think of...good luck
Can anyone tell me the difference between whole wheat flour & whole wheat pastry flour???  Is there a way to convert whole wheat flour to pastry flour.  Thanks   vickie
I made the 'GOB' frosting with the milk & flour mixture. It came together fine, tastes real good. I added some strawberry fruit spread as I wanted a strawberry creme filling for my cake. Its too soft. I used a dam but I know once itthe cake is cut, it will just ooze out...and we all know its never good when anything oozes... Any suggestion to thicken it? I was thinking since it is not a 'sweet' frosting I could use some PS, but really unsure. Ideads Anyone????TIAVickie
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