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anyone have any ideas on how to make a plastic champagne glass look like it has champagne in it?
Gotcha. Thanks so much.
I've seen these gorgeous stacked cakes with smooth as silk buttercream frosting and am wondering how in the world you stack these things without ruining the frosting. Please tell me how you do this!
I am VERY new to cake decorating and am wondering the easiest way to measure the size of decorations that go all around the cake. ie diamonds, triangles, etc so that it comes out even.
I went to your gallery and looked at the tank cake. I think it is wonderful and do not find it in bad taste at all. I have 2 friends in Afghanistan right now and another that is back home but was severely injured in Iraq. Any of them would be honored to get such a wonderful cake as a thank you for their service.
I have been asked to make a cake for my uncle's 80th birthday. They want a cake that looks like a house because he was a contractor most of his life. I will have to transport this cake to a place that's over an hour away and it will need to be quite large, so I'm not inclined to something that is very tall. Any photo's or ideas?
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