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I've seen so many cakes with the little building blocks with letters on them.  Are they cake, fondant, gumpaste, what?  and how do you get them so square and smooth?
I'm pretty new to this and am wondering how you measure so that things like piping drapes come out even.
I bought the regular wilton turntable when i first started out. I worked great for about the first 2 cakes and then turned to crap, so I bought the ulitmate model. It lasted a little longer, maybe 3 or 4 cakes. This is what I do now. I use my wilton turntable as a base, keeping it locked. I went to IKEA and bought a couple of their wooden lazy susans. I put a non skid pad on the wilton, set my IKEA on top and another non skid pad on the IKEA. It works like a charm, the...
i just did a tiffany gift box and i used the wilton teal. start very light adding a tiny bit at a time until the color is right. did this for a bridal shower and the bride loved the color
I've made several "coffin" cakes for 40th and 50th birthdays. i have a picture of one on here, but not sure how to get it on the forum. you can look under my name though.. auntieju
I have my very first official order for a wedding cake and the bride wants eggplant and silver. Any input on what colors to mix to get the eggplant?
I haven't been doing cakes very long and I got an amazing bit of news tonight. I have been commissioned to make a cake for a large BMW car dealership that was just awarded the top BMW honor in the whole country. They want a cake that looks like their new dealership. Anyone out there with tips, ideas, thoughts, advice, ANYTHING, please PLEASE post on here for me.
I would just use white cake mix and add a little gel color to the batter.
I've seen some really adorable cakes that have balls of yarn on them and am wondering if there is a tutorial that someone would be willing to share. Really wondering how to make those long "strings" of fondant.
I ended up dabbing the inside of the glass with gold luster dust and putting several small strawberries in the glass. Turned out great. Next time I will definately try the piping gel.
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