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Thanks Teresa. I haven't tried the wood grain effect yet and I think that is what is mind boggling to me.
Great, thank you!
Hello Everyone,Does anyone have a tutorial or any ideas on how I would go about making the wash tub cakes? I posted a pic of one I found here.,Lakeisha
Thank you. So far I've been using MMF. I will have to experiment with that some more and also try some retail brands
Hello All,I have made about 15 cakes using either fondant accents or fully covered fondant. My problem is that I seem to have to use alot of powdered sugar in order to keep the fondant from sticking to my counter or mat and it ends up with a dull look. What do I need to do differently to change this? Any advice is appreciated.Thank you!
Thank you all so much for your ideas. They are very appreciated!
Thanks. It looks like something I wll have to practice a few times.
Hi, I am only a few months into decorating but I have a passion for it and love the contemporary cakes. Can anyone please share how I might acheive this look? It's the turquoise and orange cake with stripes.,Lakeisha
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