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Does anyone know how to search for specific photos? There use to be an option under galleries however it is no longer there.
Thank you. I am trying out new buttercream recipes this week and will try adjusting the liquids to fit the consistency.
Apti, thanks for the example I purchased some fabric yesterday but didn't know about using the cardboard as well for the photos.
I have taken notes to all of your replies both here and those that I recieved privately. You all have been very helpful!
Kim,That makes sense.Thanks!
Thanks again for the feedback. It is appreciated!
Thank you Renee!
Hello All,I am a new home baker (Texas Cottage Law) and I recently started selling cakes for sell a little over a month ago. March I was steady and had to turn down a few orders. This month I have only received 4 orders. 2 of which have already been filled.I have a FB page and a website, although it is not fully optimized, and I have been using a free credit from Google Ads which has been generating at least 6 hits per day. I also just added some car decals to the sides of...
Thank you. I will keep that in mind for my next cake.
Hello All,I have recently had two occasions where I iced my cakes in buttercream and a few minutes later the buttercream had seperated from the cakes. One was a ruffle cake and the other was just a plain buttercream iced cake. Any idea on what happened or what I need to do differently?TIA
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