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I turn the A/C on in a small room, cool it off and then put the cake in the cooled room for several hours (3-4).  This helps the cake get closer to regular room temperature.  The A/C is gradually reduced, that is I raise the temperature, and bring the room closer to outside air temps.  This helps a great deal.  I finish the cake off in the cooler environment and deliver it when it is at normal room temperature.  I've played with this technique a lot trying to get the...
Don't give up on the fondant.  Take the crumbly fondant, add some Crisco and knead it in.  I put a daub on my hands and work it into the fondant.  (Oh, in the summer, we have 95% humidity and 108 degrees.  I know what you're dealing with.)  Crisco, in moderation, can save the day.  Homemade fondant tastes much better than commercial.  That said, commercial fondant is easier to work with. 
I place all my cakes in the refrigerator with no problem.  (Except in the summer when the humidity is HIGH. Then the cakes tend to sweat and need time to dry before they can be touched.  Air conditioning helps a great deal.)
OK, forget I wrote this. I figured out how to get it into a pdf file. Sorry!!!
I do not like the Amazonaws type file. It does not download to a pdf and is a PITA to scroll through the pages. Let's go back to pdf, PLEASE.
I can get the mag. to come up, but not as a PDF file. And, as a comment...this is the most beautiful copy ever!!! WOW
Americolor makes a wonderfully shiny silver color for spraying. Costly, but certainly worth it, if you have an airbrush.
Parchment paper is the same a silicon paper. I substitute wax paper if I can't find parchment paper, works just fine.
You can add the extra vanilla and almond extract if you wish, but it isn't really needed.
If you add the WASC combination to the cake mix it will be just fine. And, I agree, that adding a tablespoon or two of jimmies will compensate for the added ingredients.
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