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Hello! I would start out by contacting the Agricultural Dept in your area and they should be able provide some information.
I would probably include some household items shaped cookies(water can, teapot, etc), Also you can use a rectangle or oval shaped cookie cutter and make a "welcome mat" cookie.
Thank you all! This will help a lot.
hello everyone! what do you use to paint on fondant?
I wouls also like a copy of the pricing matrix if it is not too much trouble. Please send to Thanks
Thanks Kate39,I am already loving it here. I will post a pic once I get it done.
Thanks! I really like those ideas. That Blow dryer cake is cool.
I have a friend who will be opening a new hair salon in a few weeks. I would to create a special cake for the grand opening that will depict the hair salon theme. Any ideas? Please share.Thanks,Rachell
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