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Thanks all for your responses. I just talked to the wedding planner who wanted 3 small and 2 large roses... for $3 each, I laughed. Honestly, the day before a wedding??? And she wanted be to deliver them. I gave her a quote of $50 plus delivery fee to which she replied, there is no way they would pay $50 for them. Just not worth my time, IMO!
Yeah, I would hope the small and medium would be dry. I just need to make sure the gum paste is plenty thin! I think a rush fee is appropriate as well...
I have just received a request for five gum paste roses for tomorrow at noon. Two small, a medium, and two large. Usually for wedding cakes I just work them into the price. I've never sold them individually. Any thoughts on priced "Last minute" roses? Thanks all!
I was just wondering if anyone prices their cupcakes differently for different events. For instance for a wedding we price per serving for cake/per cupcake. But for a graduation I would just price a cake depending on size and complexity. Should I price less for cupcakes for birthdays, graduations, showers? Usually those are less complex then a wedding. Thoughts please?
Thanks all for your expert opinions! I really appreciate it. I live in Iowa and there is no where local that sells the fondant. I found an online site located (ships from NYC) Is there a better place to order from? Thanks!
I've heard great things about this fondant. Anyone out there have experience with it? I've tried the Wilton brand before which tastes awful, made my own marshmallow fondant, which is very sweet and somewhat hard to work with. After doing some online research I found the Carma’s Massa Ticino Tropic as being one of the best out there although it's pricey. Thoughts?Thanks!
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