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Thank You All for the kind words ,I start cake decorating classes soon at Micheal's.I took the cookie's and used Them to practice My first Royal icing attempt and then threw them in the trash and called it a day I have been baking since I was a little girl but nothing like this . I am a big time perfectest so I better get over it ...Thank You Sweet Sweet Ladies for the kind words,I really Appreciate You All !!!!!!!!Tami
Did You ever get so Discouraged as a Beginner and just throw out Your whole project ?? I made cookie's on a stick using Wilton's heart shaped cookie on a stick pan .Well, They came out more like cakes on a stick and most just feel off the sticks .My plan was to practice My piping with Them Today .I made Them yesterday and By the time I was done I just threw Them in the fridge.So Today I don't even want to go in there and practice with them .They are ugly and I spent all...
I am just a beginner and probably have no business commenting but I just had to ...YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT !!!! Even I did not know this and have found out WOW !!! I spent the whole day Yesterday making cookies on a stick now Today I have to decorate them 2 DAYS mind You I totally have found out and give You All a big applause !!!!
Thank You very much for the quick reply going to go try My first royal icing cookies .....Wish Me luck ...Trying piping for thr first time
Hello All,From the newbie some more questions, Can I Decorate cookies using royal icing with lines of the flower tip and star tips ? Will in hold ? They say Royal Icing taste bad is there any way to make it taste better ? Any good recipe ? Thank You Tami the beginner
Hi All,I am wondering is there a list or a link to a list of how long cake and icing and etc is good for in the frezer that I can print and save ?? Thank You All and have a Great Day
Thank You Unlimited, I did not see those video's way under there at first lol....Sorry but I am new to pretty much to forums also I am a 44 Yr old Grammy and wanting to start making cakes for My Grandchildren .I start cake decorating classes at Micheal's in late November but probably could learn alot on here I figured so I joined and ask this question.Seems like there are alot of advanced ladies and gents on here.I need to start at the basics Any tips or pointers...
Thank You so Much big HELP, ))) I Have been watching video's everytime I get a moment to Myself.Thanks for the tip
Hello Everyone,I was wondering if There is any good tuts for a beginner that You All could kindly point Me too. Any links,sites,Etc Thanks So much,A beginner taking classes in late November
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