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Here is the recipe I used. only thought on the cupcakes themselves was that the taste was a little odd at first. Like if you bit into it expecting it to taste like sweet vanilla, it was weird. But if you ate it expecting lemonade, it was good. The lady I made them for thought they were some of the best cupcakes she'd ever had. So, I guess it depend on personal preference. I loved the icing though!
I made Pink Lemonade Cupcakes last month and used the concentrate. They were pretty tasty. The icing (also with the concentrate) was definitely the star though!
I make mine to be basically like soft cookie dough. Then I scoop and put in the freezer for a little while before dipping.
I got a great deal on my square pans a year or two ago. I am blanking on whether they are Fat Daddio or Magic Line, but the corners are totally square. Anyway, I got 2 12's, 10's, 8's, 6's, 4's and 2 round 4's for about $90 including shipping. So, it can be done if you're not in a hurry.
Seems expensive to me. I don't think I would pay more than $150 or $200 for it.
So, I am confused. I have never heard of placing something other than a regular (flimsy) cardboard under a stacked layer. Have I totally been missing the boat on this? I would have had to have stacked this cake onsite no matter what. It was so heavy when completed that I couldn't even shift it on the cake table!
So here's my issue. When making larger cakes that I transport unstacked, I am having problems with the icing cracking. The base is completely supported, but since I am going to be stacking the other cakes, they are just on a cake round. So when I have to move these cakes around (to put in the car, out of the car, out of the box and then onto the cake), obviously they are not supported enough. What do I do?Also, any suggestions on how to get the tiers stacked onto each...
I totally agree with cakesbycathy. Primarily, I think it's the servings chart that is so confusing because you have several different fields that aren't really explained. Your actual pricing chart isn't bad. A simpler pricing scheme may make more sense though. For example, I just state that my buttercream cakes start at $xx/serving and fondant at $xx/serving. When people contact me they don't usually say, "I want a 8" round and a 6" round stacked." They say "I need...
Good question! I'm interested in the responses. I've never tried torting and filling it.
The only one I know about in Charlotte is really small. It's over by the mall in Pineville....totally blanking on the name. There are some strip malls on 51 before you get to the mall and it's in one of those. If you need the name, PM me and I'll ask my sister who goes there. However, it seems she is more of a decorator who also owns a small shop. I was really surprised at how little stuff there was there. But, she did special order some pans for my sister and I...
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