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Getting ready to try some cake pops again, or maybe cake truffles.  It just kills me to throw away all the cake that I slice off cake layers to get them level, so I'm going to experiment again (tried it once before).  I saw that someone else said to add shortening to the candy melts before melting.  Do most people do that or do you just use the melted candy melts?  Or do you use melted chocolate?
Thanks for the picture.  I would say you had success!  It looks good.
However, you do not need to decorate each tier before stacking.  You can do that after you have it all stacked.  Again, just wasn't sure if that was clear from what I and others have said.  
You would also need to use a cake board or some platform after 4-5" to give the support you need, not just sticking dowels through the whole thing.  
Just wanting to clarify.  You do mean covering the whole tier with fondant and then adding decorations, correct?  Or did you mean buttercream tiers with fondant accents?  If all fondant, then you need to put fondant on each tier first before stacking.
You would crumb coat each tier.  I then chill mine in the refrigerator for awhile or overnight.  You put the fondant on each tier before you stack the cakes.  
I agree with Annie.  I love my Magic Line pans.  They are very sturdy and the cakes bake much better in them.  
After filling the layers, be sure to compress the cake somewhat by using your hands on top and pressing down slightly.  This will push out any air pockets between layers and resemble the weight of fondant before crumb coating and applying the fondant.  (The fondant can be somewhat heavy and weighs the cake down, pushing the buttercream out and causing the rippling.)  The buttercream being too soft could also be the problem.  Be sure that the buttercream used between...
I tried making what was supposed to be Buddy's vanilla cake.  I got the recipe from this site, someone said he had made it and given the recipe out on Rachel Ray's show.  It did not have custard cream added.  All cakes seemed to take a long time baking, just didn't look or feel done.  And they all came out with a huge air pocket on the bottom of the cake.  We sampled them nevertheless, and I was not impressed with the taste at all.  They had somewhat of a pound cake...
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