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Thank you all very much!!!!
Hi, Im working on a cigar box cake and I wanted to do an ashtray with a cigar that looks lit and has ashes in it...I have no clue how to do this..any suggestions please??
Ive tried them all but in my opinion Cake Flour is by far the BEST! More expensive but has the best results. When a recipe calls for regular flour you can use cake flour but add two extra TBSP. SO 1 cup of flour=1 cup +2 TBSP of cake flour.
Thank you so much!
Hi, Does anyone have any idea how I can make these horses??? Please help...I have to make these for my god daughter next...
How come some books and people say you can refrigerate a fondaant decorated cake and some say you cant!! I have a cake thats filled with fudge so I think I need to refrigerate but I read that putting the cake in the fridge makes the cake develop confused...Also, how can I reduce the oil in a cake recipe without ruining the recipe and jeopardizing moistness?? Help Please!!
Ok, maybe its just me...but I met with some clients today and one maybe two of them I hope they don't place their order...Ever get that feeling that no matter how good or how hard you work on their cake they just WONT be satisfied...They really left a bad taste in my mouth!!!!!Aghhhhhh what a waste of time.....ahhhh u win some u lose some...But HONESTLY, have you ever had that feeling???Please tell all!!
Thank u!!!
Hi Everyone,Im meeting with four clients that are friends to each other tomorrow for a tasting for four different events (2 baby-showers, a sweet 16 and a 30th birthday). Its quite a big deal to me and I want everything to go smooth. I made cupcakes for the 3 flavors that they wanted to try and 4 different filling flavors. Any suggestions on how I should present them. Is there a tasting etiquette?? lol This is my FIRST tasting so please any advice or suggestions will...
I finished the cake and Im going to freeze it, I also did the cake pops but I havnt dipped them yet...Should I?? Im going to take ur advice and do the cupcakes last...Thanks again!
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