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THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I've heard also about leaving out the butter...Im def going to try that...   Thanks Again!      Heidi 
Hello Ladies,   I am making a Monkey Theme Baby Shower and I have to make a large monkey on top of the cake..Im wondering what Rice Krispies recipe works best to model figures??? I've found so many on line...I need expert help..Any suggestions please!!!    Thank You in advance for your help...   Heidi 
I did
Just for some laughs...
I use the the canned buttermilk and I love has a longer shelf life for me. I don't use it that often so it works.
I've used the Pyrex bowl for the top and like an 8 inch for the bottom. Hope this helps! Heidi
I usually use floral wire. Like 18 gauge. Its pretty sturdy and will stay in place.
I completely agree! Well said....
Thank you so much. I guess when I changed the website around I deleted that and didnt notice. Again thank you for pointing that out. Heidi
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