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Just for some laughs...
I use the the canned buttermilk and I love has a longer shelf life for me. I don't use it that often so it works.
I've used the Pyrex bowl for the top and like an 8 inch for the bottom. Hope this helps! Heidi
I usually use floral wire. Like 18 gauge. Its pretty sturdy and will stay in place.
I completely agree! Well said....
Thank you so much. I guess when I changed the website around I deleted that and didnt notice. Again thank you for pointing that out. Heidi
Thanks guys...I'm going to stick to his pricing then, $3 its is!! (I hate to admit when he's right) hee hee
Just a little update on this topic. Those darn postcard have gotten me two weddings(My First) and a complaint letter saying I owe a certain someone $53.00 for cleaning!! Oh boy...Heidi
Hi everyone, Im going to be selling cupcakes at a small carnival tomorrow. I m going to be the only vendor with sweets/cupcakes. Im also going to be selling cake pops. I figure this is a great way to hand out flyers My question is how much would you charge for a regular swirl cupcake at a carnival. My DH says $3 for the cupcakes and $2 for the cake pops. Please give my your opinion!!!
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