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Once again Thank you! I will def adjust my PSI...
Thank you so much for replying...I use a Mini Air Compressor Priston Type...Thats what it says on the box. Im not too sure on the pressure. I basically airbrush boards and parts of the cake...What should the pressure be on?? Thanks again for your help...I will check out your video..
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Seems like a cool idea but pricey
I dont know what Im doing wrong but every time I airbrush one of my cakes I make an awful mess.....its EVERYWHERE!! Please any advice or insight on what am I doing wrong and what I should do to get it right...Thank you Heidi
Im making a cake for a 4th birthday for this Saturday. The flavor is yellow cake with Chocolate buttercream, I used some hazelnut extract in the chocolate buttercream. Does anyone think this is bad since it is a kids party and some kids might have nut allergies?? Not sure if the extract will cause nut allergies or not... Thank you for looking~Heidi~
Hi there, quick question how did u link the logo under ur pic to you Facebook page???
Whats everyone's suggestion is the best way to smooth RKT so its not so bumpy when covered with Fondant??? What works best for you?? Also, to build a head on a 3d Dino do u suggest RKT or Modeling chocolate??? Thanks for all the help and suggestions.Heidi much to take in...I think I'm more confused then when I started...funny thing is I was taking votes while I was gone and I came up with Sweet Cake Fetish!!! Whatever it is its going to have fetish...I really do appreciate all the input and opinions...Whatever your reply was to my question I took it all in and came up with that....Hopefully it doesn't offend anyone...I too believe that a fetish is an obsession or a fixation and thats EXACTLY what I have for what I...
lol thats too funny...i saw the Movie! Thank you for your opinion love it!!
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