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Thank you ladies, I will surely store it in a box. The color of the cake is pale pink and white. Hopefully if I keep it covered all the time it wont fade.    What I am planning to do is make a four tier cake out of cake dummies. The parties at the venue are usually about 15-20 kids so they would only need one tier which they will buy and rent the other tiers depending on how many they want. So I would need those cakes to last for a long time (hopefully). :) 
Hello Ladies,     I'm currently working with a children's events venue and I want to create some dummy cakes for the pictures that will go on both their website and mine.    My question is when covering the cake dummies, do I use MMF or is there another medium I would have to use to get a good shelf life? If I use MMF how long will the cakes survive for?    Thank you so much for your help! 
Hello all,     I want to recreate this image into cake. I need help and suggestions for two things please...   1. How would I create the structure? I want to make that cake stand exactly. 2. The texture on the hat, is their a mat or any suggestions on getting that texture?    Thank you so much for your help in advance!    
Anything over two tiers(for me) should always be assembled at the venue. 
Here is the Recipe!
I too HATE Satin Ice....I've had them replace my last purchase because it was too sticky and would tear as soon as soon as I applied it to the cake. I absloutley love mmf. Nothing else works better for me. My go to recipe is actually on this site! I will go get and post it here for you. 
Well, this is what I usually do not sure if this will help your situation but here it is any way. I usually bake the cake let it settle overnight, next day I fill the tiers (don't overfill) wrap them up in saran wrap and place them in the fridge with a book on top of each(about 1 LB) then the next day I ganache or butter cream with no problems with shifting. If my cakes are over 4 inches in height I usually just place two dowels near the center to further keep from...
I would think Wilton's leaf green would give you that color also. 
Hello everyone,   Would anyone know how do I go about making this cake? The box I know its just the teddy   s a bit tricky to me. Does anyone have any suggestions or might know of a how to tutorial.    Thank you in advance   Heidi 
The cake is 45 servings, so two tiers. She send me a picture of an abstract cake and said she didnt want it like that lol...IDK I'll have to talk to her again...thanks ladies! 
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