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I stopped using it when I ran out and I don't notice a difference. I think it's more for royal icing than it is for buttercream.
Happy Birthday!!   My husband gets great pleasure out of making me a birthday cake, from my recipes of course, so I let him. He gets our son involved and it's a nice treat. I always offer to do it, because I would like to practice and try new techniques, but he tells me that is what the other 364 days are for!! LOL So sweet.   If I had to make my own I'd go with a rich chocolate fudge cake filled with a white chocolate buttercream and covered in chocolate...
That has happened to me too. I'd also be interested in to know if this happens regularly. I tried to wipe down the inside with a tissue, but it still happens.
I've never done one of these cakes, but maybe melted coloured chocolate would work, like Merkens.
Good luck Treena and I can't wait to see a picture of the finished cake.
My sister wouldn't hesistate to pay me for any cake I make her or her husband. I won't let her, but that's because I love baking and decorating. My brother knows how much time and effort is involved and went out and bought a cake from the store because he knew I was busy. (I wanted to make his son's cake).I think that if you volunteer it's free, but for them to ask you to take 12-15 hours to make them a castle cake without paying anything is ridiculous.Family or not, they...
I agree with Treena. Pearls and lace have no place with Dungeons and Dragons wedding or not. I assume the bride is on board with the theme....dress up the packaging as Treena suggested.
I would purchase a really small footprint cookie cutter if you can find it and cut out a thicker layer of fondant and lay that underneath the fondant you are using to drape the belly with.If you can't find a cookie cutter your best bet is to google images of baby footprints and print out a copy (sizing it of course) and then use that as a cutting guide.Hope that helps.
I googled it and this is what I got:Amount: 1 pound (lb) of cake flour Equals: 4.54 US cups (us cup) in cake flour
Lizabethy, do you use that red velvet recipe from Bakerella for cupcakes as well? Does it turn out as well as the cake? I've heard that sometimes cake recipes don't translate well when converted to cupcake size.
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