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I'm attaching a picture. I can't figure it out.
Hey - wondering if anyone can recommend a good, reliable company that sells product liability insurance?Thanks!
Hello! I'm wondering if anyone knows where in NOVA I can find black licorice laces? (Near Manassas or Gainseville.)Thanks!
They havent sunk too terribly. I think i may be able to shave some from the top without making them too short.
I have 2 ten inch round chocolate cakes that are both sunken in the middle. Can i save them? I need to stack them as the bottom of a two tiered cake. Please help!
Which size round pans should I use? I would like this cake to be two tiers. Another stupid question -for example, if I use the 12 and 10 inch pans, do I make two 12 inch cakes for the bottom tier and two 10 inch cakes for the top tier? My pans are 2" tall.How about buttercream? How much? I will need a crumb coat and a thin coat to attach the fondant.Last question - I need to make my fondant black. I don't like buying fondant but I did end up buying brown (they were...
I would flavor the cake - not the candy melts. I make peppermint flavored cake pops over Xmas and they turn out amazing with the extract in the cake mix. (Just a tiny bit!!)
I've had this problem before and find it has nothing to do with using icing, which I always do. For me, it was using cake recipes that have oil in them. I only bake from scratch - never use box recipes. I have just adjusted my recipes - I use butter instead of oil. It takes a little tweeking to get the perfect flavor, but it has helped.Also, make sure the cake pops or cake balls are cool when you're dipping them - not too cold or the chocolate will crack once it dries....
Hi - I'm looking for a new oven for my kitchen. It will be used almost equally for cooking dinners for my family and for my small home baking business. Should I get a convection oven?? Also, how about double ovens? Are they worth it? Any advice would be so helpful!!Thanks!
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