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Hello! I'm wondering if anyone knows where in NOVA I can find black licorice laces? (Near Manassas or Gainseville.)Thanks!
They havent sunk too terribly. I think i may be able to shave some from the top without making them too short.
I have 2 ten inch round chocolate cakes that are both sunken in the middle. Can i save them? I need to stack them as the bottom of a two tiered cake. Please help!
Which size round pans should I use? I would like this cake to be two tiers. Another stupid question -for example, if I use the 12 and 10 inch pans, do I make two 12 inch cakes for the bottom tier and two 10 inch cakes for the top tier? My pans are 2" tall.How about buttercream? How much? I will need a crumb coat and a thin coat to attach the fondant.Last question - I need to make my fondant black. I don't like buying fondant but I did end up buying brown (they were...
I would flavor the cake - not the candy melts. I make peppermint flavored cake pops over Xmas and they turn out amazing with the extract in the cake mix. (Just a tiny bit!!)
I've had this problem before and find it has nothing to do with using icing, which I always do. For me, it was using cake recipes that have oil in them. I only bake from scratch - never use box recipes. I have just adjusted my recipes - I use butter instead of oil. It takes a little tweeking to get the perfect flavor, but it has helped.Also, make sure the cake pops or cake balls are cool when you're dipping them - not too cold or the chocolate will crack once it dries....
Hi - I'm looking for a new oven for my kitchen. It will be used almost equally for cooking dinners for my family and for my small home baking business. Should I get a convection oven?? Also, how about double ovens? Are they worth it? Any advice would be so helpful!!Thanks!
Thanks Sofia! My mom lives over in Alexandria, so maybe I could give her a little babysitting time once a month I'll check out the cake club.
Definitely! I also found Cookology in or near the Dulles Town Center! They have a lot of classes, too, and pretty cheap. There is another place in Bethesda that looks a little more professional. I'm originally from NOVA so pretty familiar with all the areas...was hoping to avoid too many trips into DC. I'm about to be a new mom (in about 6 weeks) and a stay at home one, at that. I haven't NOT worked since I was 16, so I am going to need something to do, just for me. ...
Thanks Annie! I'm certainly not too good for Wilton classes, but I'm also looking for something more advanced. I guess I'm just spoiled by being so close to NYC, there is so much so close!!! I've taken some Wilton classes, but will definitely look at Michael's to see what they've got.
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