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THANK YOU!!! I'm glad you told me that! So, there's no good way to do a 2 tiered cake to serve 60? 3 tiers seems scary to me  Though, I'm sure I can do it if I had to....
What is the going rate for a two tiered 60 serving cake? My sister and I usually work for cheap b/c we bake for her school, so I'm not sure how much to charge a new customer. I know there are websites out there with opinions on this but thought I'd ask here.   Thanks!
Thanks Cake Sarge ;-) You answered two of my posts and both are so helpful!!
For taste, smoothness, and ease of use? It seems like Bakel's and Satin Ice are best. Any thoughts?   Thanks!
I am making a cake for a friend and she is serving 60 people. I'm thinking a 2 layer round cake, bottom layer 12 inches, top 8 inches. (2 cakes each layer...not one cake sliced in half). Does this sound like it will be enough? If not, how much more should I add? Thanks for the help!
I know that for candy melts you need to use the candy melt coloring. How about for chocolate chips? I bought ghiradelli chocolate chips to use for my cake pops and want to color them black. Do I need to use the candy melt coloring or can I use regular food coloring or gel colors?Thanks!!
BakingIrene!!! Thank you. And sooooo easy!!!!
I'm attaching a picture. I can't figure it out.
Hey - wondering if anyone can recommend a good, reliable company that sells product liability insurance?Thanks!
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