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My standard chocolate cake recipe, along with my standard yellow cake recipe worked out perfectly!!
I'll definitely post pictures. Honestly, the chocolate cake recipe is off of It's called One Bowl Chocolate cake. It's pretty standard, but we get SO many compliments and requests for it. We do change it up a bit with some special ingredients every now and then :-)
Thanks to you both! I like the zebra look (and the outside of the cake is going to be leopard, so it's a perfect idea!)   I think I will just stick to my two different chocolate cake is to die for. My butter yellow is good, too, but the chocolate...I don't want to change it!   Thanks again!
I have a request for a standard marble cake. Can I just use my butter yellow cake recipe and my chocolate cake recipe and swirl them together? They bake in approximately the same time.   Thanks in advance for your help!!
For example, is the Wilton tip 1M the same as Atecco or Martha Stewart brands? Martha Stewart had a "tutorial" on a certain style using a certain tip and I was curious if my Wilton tip would be the same. Thanks!
Hi Sugarshocksweet! I have taken some Wilton classes. They are definitely great for beginners. I've also found a few other places and people who offer classes. Check out B Cakes by B He offers classes in Falls Church. I can't remember the other names right now, but I'll post as soon as I find them.   Good luck!!   Thanks to everyone else for the responses. Now that I'm in VA and baking like crazy (and I got to my first ever cake show!),...
Loading on the frosting on and taking it off with a bench scraper definitely helped me out. I still have a ways to go to get it perfect, but I'm already so much better. I used SMBC last week and that was really easy, but it was hot in my house and the buttercream was very soft. Not sure if that helped or hurt me...  I have two cakes this weekend and will practice some more. One sheet cake and one small round cake.   Thanks again everyone!
Replying to an old post, but just in case someone else out there is looking...   I used Americolor Red Red and Violet mixed into a hot pink Fondarific pre colored fondant. It was almost an equal amount of red and violet...but just play around. I got a nice bright (yet darker, if that makes sense) eggplant color.
I love Cake Central and all it's members! Thank you all so much! I do have a bench scraper, but it's kind of small, so I got a larger one today. I will load on the frosting to begin and just smooth it off. All the tips were very helpful. I'll check out the videos, too.   Thanks again everyone!!!
Anyone have tips for smoothing buttercream? I know the water trick and the papertowel trick, but I really am just not good at it. Any advice would be awesome!! I love buttercream cakes that look like they are fondant.   TIA!!
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