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Got word back from CK Products - Here is what they said...   "The permit number is for any local licensing that may be issued.  If this doesn't apply to you enter NA (not applicable) to bypass this field."   Hope this helps anyone else with the same question :-)   Cheers!   Corinne  
Thanks K8Memphis! Trying to apply at CK Products, but they're asking for a Permit # and I have no idea what that's for. Maybe my zoning permit? We're not required to have vendor licenses in my county in VA. If you know, can you reply? Thanks!!
I am finally official - zoning, license, LLC, tax ID #... I'd like to start purchasing wholesale products (i.e. fondant for cheap!) but not sure where to look. Can anyone point me in the right direction?    Thanks!   Corinne
I have the worst two sets of measuring cups and spoons. Any recommendations? Seems like it would be easy to just have measuring cups....
Thanks! My sister has a set that are a little more cutesy than I wanted, but that's what I'm going with. I saw a little "How To" on Global Sugar Arts website, too.   Thank you again!! 
I want to write or cut out or whatever...a baby's name for a cake. I've tried a cricut cake and hated it. Cutters are too big. I'm not awesome at piping the letters. Is there a trick or tip that someone can give me. I just want to write (simple font) on a plaque. Similar to the below picture. (Cake by Erica O'Brien)   THANK YOU!  
I have to cover a 10" x 4" hexagon cake with black fondant (the worst!!) Any advice. Any time I've covered with black, it's disastrous. Thinking about panels, but never did that before. Please help. Working with FondX Elite black. Thanks!!
What tool can you not live without when decorating your cakes? Just trying to see if there are tools out there that I'm missing out on.   Thanks!
I'm worried that when I frost and cover the 3 layers with fondant that it will be so heavy that it will fall or I'm picturing it just crushing down on itself.
I'm making a two tier cake and I think both tiers need to be 3 layers. I'm worried the bottom tier (9" rounds) will fall on itself because it's too heavy. It's a pretty heavy chocolate cake...not too dense. Any suggestions? Am I worrying for no reason?   TIA!!!
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