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I'm looking to get an electronic cutter that I can use on sugar sheets and gumpaste. I know the old Cricut's were not very good but seeing that, at least for paper, the new Cricut Explore that was just released is out performing the Cameo. It also doesn't have the limitations of cartridges anymore. Does anyone know how it is for cake stuff? Or would the Cameo or Zing be better?
I have heard about using sour cream instead of heavy cream with white chocolate to tone down the sweetness but haven't tried it myself ... yet. Equal substituion.
Put the long legs on and then put some books with the equivalent weight on it and test how sturdy it is.
Most of the time I use ganchche but when I do buttercream I use Jen's recipe but cut down how much butter I use and use more meringue as I found most SMBC's too buttery but ABC's too sweet.
Oh my gosh! I laughed till I cried. I couldn't help looking at google either. Some of those are just really tasteless and who wants to eat a piece of A## Cake really? Even the baby ones just don't pass as 'edible' to my senses.   I have to admit I did like the one that had 'Cancer can kiss it!' written across it but I probably would still have a hard time accepting a slice.
For a co-worker's birthday that can't have gluten, I made this cake. I used almonds instead of hazelnuts and everyone liked it. I made fresh whip cream to go with it as it is a dry cake compared to normal but light and very flavorful.
I too have enjoyed seeing the breakdown from Jen. I didn't really see all the details that she broke down. Gave me new insight in things to consider for my own timing when I am doing my cakes.    I am just a hobby baker and do this for friends and family. I would be embarressed to deliver that cake to a bride. I just did a single book cake for a friend's daughter and normally I do the cover/smooth method on my fondant but this time I did the spine seperate of the...
I did ship a cake last month via FedEx overnight, picked up at 5pm and delivered by 10am. I used a fairly firm ganache instead of buttercream under the fondant and the decorations were all low profile. I wrapped the decorations with plastic wrap to provide support before wrapping the rest of the cake in plastic wrap and then covering in foil with more saran wrap. I froze the cake and then used styrofoam peanuts inside the cake box to support the cake from slipping around...
Dark chocolate is a 2:1 ratio but white or milk is a 3:1. I've melted more chocolate and added it in to my ganache when I needed it stiffer.
  So I sent a cake this month for my mother's birthday. I used ganache instead of buttercream under the fondant and used royal icing as my decoration glue. I froze the decorated unwrapped cake and then I wrapped the cake with saran wrap with extra around the rosettes to help provide support. Over the saran wrap I used layers of foil as well with more saran wrap over the foil. The cake was placed in a cake box with Styrofoam peanuts added onto and around the sides to...
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