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You definitely need the larger rolling pin for covering cakes. The 9in one is great for accents and decorations. I use Witon's 20in rolling pin with the ring guides (that of, course you have to buy separately) for covering cakes. I sometimes wish I could find one just a bit longer than that even.
I am going to attempt to carve a cake into a standing converve sneaker. I am fairly new to the cake decorating world. Can I just use a basic chocolate recipe (box or scratch) or does it need to be more like a pound cake? Thanks in advace for the advice
Thank you everyone. This helps immensely. I did buy some americolor super red and super black and they worked like a charm. My fondant lady bugs will live to see another day! Love the tips for the glycerine, I will have to buy a bottle and keep it on stand-by.
oil-based colors like the ones you would use to color chocolate?
Thank you everyone so much for all your input. I have been using Wilton gel colors. will definitely try amicolor. This has been such a headache, esp because I only need a small amount, so I don't want to go and buy the store-bought stuff.This batch was so bad, the corn syrup couldn't save it. (Although I hadn't even tried it before this to compare). Does the corn syrup work like the glycerine? Are the interchangable?
HELP!! I am trying to color my mmf red and black. I have tried 2 ways to make this happen without success. I have added the color to the melted marshmallows and i have colored the finished mmf. Both times, once the desired color is achieved my fondant stops being stretchy and just breaks and tears. I have tried adding more criso, more p.sugar, i am out of ideas. What am I doing wrong????
I keep finding conflicting info on whether or not a cake covered in homemade cream cheese icing needs to be refrigerated. Please help. I have read that it should be b/c of the cream cheese, then also read that the sugar keeps it from spoiling?!?!?
I freeze cakes all the time and have never had any issues. Actually I think that they are more moist. Also makes it easier to cut if cutting into a shape.
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