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tahnk you sooo much, not about the time consumption , im more worried about taste. One thing I want to make sure when im making a cake for someone, paid or not is I want it to taste like the best cake ever. Thats why i make my own chocolate fondant too.
store bought cause i cant find a recipe of a homemade on that i think tastes good, any recomendations? im making my daughters cake today so that would be nice to try something new.
I cant seem to figure out crumbcoating. every time i try i get chunks of hte cake that fall out. i am even freezing my cakes, I have yet to work with buttercream because i cant even seem to crumbcoat correctly i could never dream of a flawless finishing coat. so i love fondant, maybe i will try the wilton tip.
I think it looks great, we are definately our own worst critics! I think this cake is beautiful! definalely have talent don't give up.
So to start off I wanted to do a christmas cake for the family. We had everyone coming so i wanted to make a nice cake to show off some of the things i have been learning. I had a full 3 page plan of what i was going to do/ make and designed this whole idea in my head. (first thing that changed was location. we are all meeting in vegas for the holiday instead of here.) I was going to pour sugar into a large puddle and use as a sesrving tray, howeer my copper pot was at...
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