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Hi! I am curious about store bought pasteurized liquid egg whites. I've never used them, always used fresh. But recently watched Modern Buttercream with Joshua Russell on Craftsy (it was great and free!!), and he recommends using the pasteurized egg whites for his SMBC. So I go out and buy mine at the local Walmart, the Great Value brand 100% egg whites (it was between that and EggBeaters). They are a very strange opaque, cloudy color. Josh's looked like regular egg...
Appreciate it!!
I'm curious, how long can SMBC stay out of refrigeration? I went to the Texas Website and didn't see a time before it spoils.
Thanks! Practice practice practice, where to find the time?
Hi! I am new to piping. What is the best consistency buttercream for doing scrolls on a cake? I do not have a very steady hand, and I'm very nervous to make a cake for a friend wanting a white cake with black scrolls!! Any helpful suggestions, other than practice, practice? Thanks!
I've made angry birds figures twice now, very fun to make! But I've made them pretty far in advance, at least a week before the actual cake was made. I think if stored correctly, in a cool, dry place, fondant and gumpaste flowers/figures will last a long, long time. I have 2 children, so I have to work on my cakes when they have gone to bed (so only like one or two angry birds a night!!). Hope this helps, and have fun!
After asking around, it seems even though the boxes have changed, still use the same recipe (WASC or 3D Durable Cake Recipe) doesn't seem to change the turnout. I haven't tried it yet, but hope this helps!
I am making a white cake with white buttercream...but it needs to be covered in black fondant. Is this a no no? Or should I just make sure my fondant is extra thick? Thanks!
I'm also wondering the same thing...I use the extended cake recipe but now that DH has changed, do I need to change my old recipe too? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Every time I see a freestanding fondant/gumpaste number or monogram on a cake, I wonder, how on earth did they make it stand up like that?? I don't see any supports, no icing...Does anyone have suggestions for me? Is wire covered in fondant and then a letter or number formed? If that is the case, what kind of wire?Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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