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Hi y'all!  Does anyone have advice on what tip and method to use to make this buttercream swirl cake?  Thanks!!  
Thank you! I will have to try that!
Hi there! I have been searching and searching... can someone help me or direct me to a good tutorial on how to arrange a gumpaste flower bouquet (I have made peonies, roses, hydrangea, jasmine, and berries with wires) and then insert it on the side of a cake (without it tearing out from the weight)? Do you arrange them first, tape them together, and then stick into the cake? Or stick in the biggest flower (peony) and then add filler flowers around that?And at what...
I'm pretty sure SweetWise (the cake decorating company that created the mat) ships worldwide! Just go to their website to order
Ha! Yes, thank you! I wish I had know to look under the genus 'stephanotis' for jasmine.
Ok, so I might have answered my own question (let me know if there is a better way )I looked under several 'filler' flower tutorials, and although they don't call it jasmine, several jasmine looking flowers were made using the 'mexican hat method.' Just tried it, and it looks pretty good! I liked Elaine MacGregor's youtube 'making small sugar flowers' tutorial best
I would use fondant, you can make your own (very inexpensive), and you can find the recipe here on CC, just search for Marshmallow Fondant. The fondant you've tasted was probably the Wilton brand (very chemical tasting), but if you don't want to make your own fondant look for Fondx or Satin Ice Fondant online or at a Cake Supply Store. Those brands actually taste pretty good, more like marshmallow. And a good online tutorial for making a zebra print cake with fondant is...
Hi! I've been searching the flower tutorial forums, but have not been able to find one for jasmine. Could anyone point me in the right direction on how to make jasmine out of gumpaste?
Well, I used the GV Pasteurized 100% egg whites, and my SMBC turned out wonderful! But, this might have been a fluke, it took over 20 minutes for the whites to whip up into stiff peaks!! It took so long that my bowl of whites and sugar went from warm to cool and then started going back to warm! I ended up putting a bag of frozen veggies under the bowl...and they never got as stiff as I can get with fresh egg whites. the end, it turned into SMBC
littlestruedel: thank you! You've given me the confidence to try them out! I was about to just get the fresh eggs out after seeing what the carton eggs looked like: practically like grapefruit juice!
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