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Thank you 
Hello,   Can anyone tell me how i would create the frills on this beautiful cake?   Any tips would be great?
thanks i'll try that
Hi,I see loads of pictures of lovely smooth butter cream swirls and what not but i have tried various recipes and mine often as little air pockets in? why is this does anyone know how i can air pocket free butter cream? x
lovely jubbly
Yes I use scratch recipes, thanks for your help guys! I like the idea of freezing mixture that would be a time saver!Does it make the cakes made using the frozen mix taste differently?
Hey,Ok so at the risk of sounding like a thicko......I want to make 6 cupcakes (muffin size), all the recipes are for around 12 depending on the case you use do i just halve everything??? yes i am new at this lol x
Thanks for the tips, can't wait to try them x
I have just purchased a giant cupcake tin and have a few to i split and fill this cake? also do i cover the bottom in sugarpaste or something else? I have seen some really pretty designs and I don't know how to achieve the look x
Thanks for the pics, it has given me some ideas x
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