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Hi I am making a laptop. Bottom is red velvet and was thinking of making the screen out of rice krispees treats. Any ideas of how to attach the screen to the bottom?
Thanks everyone ill try get those strips online as I have never seen them where I live
The pans are invicta pans, Nd they don't fit one inside the other. The recipe I use is lindy smiths chocolate cake. Recipe calls for 275 g chocolate, 225g butter, 150 g sugar,8eggs, 50 g icing sugar and 225g self raising flour. Really don't know what to do. I guess I should change recipe? I have done chocolate mud in these pans and red velvet and as far as I know they didn't turn out this bad
Hi everyone, this has happened before and I don't know why. My chocolate cake recipe after being baked has this end result looking like a mushroom. Doesn't happen with all my different cakes. Baked on 170degrees Celsius being its a fan oven. I baked my batter in two pans and the cake did not go over the top of the pan so that is not why it happened. Pls help will post pic
Wow thanks for the great replies. My cakes are same height however if baking an 8 inch cake using two pans I would use amount which recipe calls for 8 inch and a half. But I sometimes think its too much batter xx
When baking a cake, how high should it be? Do you bake in two pans? And if so if for example you need to bake an 8 inch cake, do you make enough batter for an 8 inch or do you make more batter? ThanksĀ 
Thank you to the both of you. I think the fondant might have been a little soft. I did try my best not to over work it. However I'm thinking it was the heat and humidity as the fondant still hasn't hardened as it should. I will have to put a second layer of fondant on I can't get used to this buttercream thing.
Help!!!! I don't usually cover my cakes in buttercream before covering in fondant however today I did . Made a choc cake, filed and covered in nutella buttercream, left in fridge for an hour. Covered in fondant and.....a mess. Some of it tore and buttercream seeped out and as for the rest of it, it looks lumpy. This is the second time I have tried this. Could it be kitchen was hot? Could it be buttercream needed more time? Humidity? Pls help these problems make me give up....
Umm makes sense Bakencake will do xx
Thanks Ladies, I have made a second attempt at trying to decorate the red velvet and I managed even though it aint the neatest cake buy hey im still practicing and my sister got the cake. will post a pic. What do you reccomend as an icing?
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