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I am doing a damask stencil on a wedding cake this weekend and am concerned about the cake sweating and the RI becoming messy.   I always use SMBC and refrigerate overnight.  I then cover in homemade (NOT MMF) fondant and refrigerate again.  When I take them out they do sweat (especially now, in super humid hot Atlanta) but this is typically not a problem, the condensation forms and then dries in a while.  However, I am nervous that the sweating cake will cause the...
Totally useful to me!  Saved me $15!
Thanks, Spooky.   I typically weigh my cakes out on a scale for uniformity and ease, but haven't done a 1/4 sheet cake yet.  I looked at the wilton sight and see that it calls for 5 1/2 cups of batter, guess I'll just go by cup-wise and weigh it for the future.  The batters are relatively similar in weight, a vanilla and a chocolate, no add-ins.   Thanks again! Lisa
Does anyone know how many oz. of cake batter is needed to fill a 2 inch deep 1/4 sheet pan?  I typically only do square or round, so I'm not sure.  Plus I want to make the cake 2 different flavors, so hoping for a bit of a weight guideline.   Thanks!   Lisa
I make my roses on a stick and I've lately had problems with them drooping off the stick or being too thick on the bottom.  maybe I need to close up my rose tip or use one a little narrower.  I'm making them for cupcakes, so I want them big.  Thanks, I will try adding more powdered sugar.
I want to make some icing roses, does anyone have a good recipe for make icing roses?  Lately mine are all floppy and too thick on the rounded side.  Thanks!
I use that recipe exclusively and, YES always let it rest.  I try to make it at least a day in advance and I always try to color it right after making it and letting it sit, doubly wrapped in plastic for a day or more.  Also, on rainy days I have to add a bit more powdered sugar to make up for the humidity in the air.   And, always be sure to heat your gelatin and water thoroughly after it has bloomed.  I guess I didn't and got little threads of gelatin in my fondant
Don't know if you've done this already about a toybox? and toys scattered on cakeboard.
This just sounds suspicious to me.  Like you make this huge cupcake order, get paid, pay this referral fee, then the payment for the cupcakes disappears.  I would not do this, sounds like a scam.  But I may just be distrustful, especially of craigslist.
I do add up all the costs (although I haven't done electricity or water or gas.  I always run another load in the dishwasher plus wash a lot by hand), but I am lacking in adding in my time.  I do add for my time, but I'll be honest, not min wage.  And because I only have about a cake a week, if that, I do them "here and there", spending an hour or so after my kids go to bed.   I haven't yet added up all the time that a cake will take me, but I ought to.  I'm really new...
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