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I give up!!!  I give up!!!   I give up!!!     There is no hope and i can't hang in much longer. I love cake decorating and have spent a ton of money on classes, online memberships and dvds. I have researched and watched hours and hours of videos about why cakes bulge and the solutions. I have also used SPS hoping that would help. At this point I may have to cut my losses and stop throwing away good money after bad.   I have used the doctored cake mixes, dams,...
Great job!!!
Can anyone tell me what the stars stand for under profile pictures?
Thanks, heartsnsync for the new info. It is so great to be able to learn from others.
Ok, I am fairly new to this and could be completely wrong. I believe petal dust is used on a lot of fondant or gum paste flower with some what of a flat color. Luster dust has more a a shiny look. I took a purse class and I believe it was luster dust mixed with Ever Clear and painted with the mixture. It did make a pretty gold color. Hope this helps.
Hello, I am curious how the Newest Cakes are posted. I have only had one of my cakes show up after posting the photos of my new cakes. Just wondering.
There are questions that have had confused me since becoming interested in cake decorating a few months ago. Some of the questions are what is the best way to bake, level, torte, freeze or not to freeze cakes? What is the best technique to follow? How do I sort through all of the different answers so many have to offer?I have read many tutorials, books and threads. I have watched lots of videos and searched for anything cake related (decorating courses are extremely rare...
Thanks for the Pringle can idea. I will try that out. So many good people offering good advice.
Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. I want to do everything yesterday. Believe it or not, I am patient and try over and over without frustration. After about the 8th time of failure is when it gets hard.Again, thanks to all of you. I will look up the suggestions and use your advise.Jackie (Susieq)
I am a new cake decorator, or at least that is what I am supposed to be. So here is my question.How do I - Do everything??????Seriously, I read posts were people say "I am new at this and everything just falls into place!" That person is not me. Everything is a challenge. I bake cakes and for one reason or another it didn't turn out right. The cakes fall apart, the edges break off..........I try crumb coating.........what a mess I try...
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