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I usually use a buttercream, but when I am lazy, I use vanilla frosting in the can. and it seems to be what's in the can that will begin to melt. Guess I should just stick with making my own frosting. ) Or keep them in the fridge until time to serve......Thanks for your help!
Hello All,Question - how can I stop frosting from melting? More so the vanilla frosting? I have noticed that once I put my cupcakes in a cake pan with a lid for storage the vanilla/white frosting tends to melt after a day or so. It does not seem to effect the chocolate. Any idea's? Should I not be storing them in a cake pan with a lid, should they remain in the fridge until ready to serve? So many questions.... Thanks!Ashley
I use a KA mixer with the whisk attachment. I ran it for a while last night, and then put it in the fridge for a while. The taste was AWESOME it was just too runny.....I put it back in the fridge and left it there...was still in there. Was still there this morning....LOL! Will check it this evening and see if it got more stiff. I have time to play with different recipes. I just have the tendency to get frustrated easily.....especially with something that doesn't seem...
I tried to add more powder sugar and that made the icing too sweet....and I was adding like a 1/4 cup at a time. ( I am going to try again tonight.....I will not give up that is for sure. Except tonight I will only add maybe a teaspoon of cream vs a tablespoon. I was thinking maybe a tablespoon was too much. Thanks to all....
It cannot be this hard to make buttercream frosting. I have tried two different buttercream recipes and both have been a fail! The first one was too sweet and gritty. The one I tried last night which was called american buttercream, was too runny....and I only used two tablespoons of whipping cream....which the recipe called for. Ok...I am just venting.......
Thanks to everyone....I will be purchasing my ice cream scooper today!!! Probably more than one... ) Along with trying to make my own buttercream frosting for the cupcakes. I am always the one that uses the stuff in a can....but hear homemade works the best for cupcake cakes........ More than likely once I go homemade I won't be turning back!!! :Ash
THANKS for the recommendations! If I use the ice cream scooper is it just one scoop? Normally I just dump the batter in....and "try" and eye ball it...but the eye balling is not working any more.
What tool do you recommend for getting the cupcakes to come out all the same size. It seems no matter what I have tried in the past, I cannot get all of them to come out the same size....... Is there a specific measurement I should be using....1cup, 1/2cup of batter etc. )Thanks in advanced.Ash
I am making a Spongebob Cupcake Cake for my Nephew's 2nd birthday....... Recommendations on making my own frosting (which I have never done) so simple recipes are WELCOME! Or using store brought frosting. I have heard through the grapvine that making your own frosting is better. Truth to this: Yay or Nay? I will be doing a test run this weekend on the frosting and putting the cake together. )Ash
I am going to practice on a buttercream icing this weekend. ) I have the idea in my head, now to just transfer it to a cake......... Thanks for the help!
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