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I like to say that a sheet cake feeds 50 people
if you make the cake as her wedding gift and don't leave money in the card than I think it should be fine, but if you really don't want to do it just mention that you don't have those pans and maybe that they are expensive, casually.
Thats a tough one. I haven't heard of this either. Best thing like they already said would be to peel it off before eating the cake.
I doubt you'll need that much because it doesn't need to be crazy thick.
I'd say keep practicing and post some of the pictures on here. And this site is perfect to learn new techniques and get honest advice about your cakes!
id ask the bride just to be sure because she might already have an idea set in her head
those are adorable!
seems like you got ripped off not them!
Thank You!! That helps a lot!
I'm new to using edible images and after I peeled back the plastic from the frosting sheets i brushed it with water so it would stick to the fondant. I brought it to the venue and it started raising around the edges. Any suggestions on what to do next time? Or am doing it completely wrong? Thanks!
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