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A camel cake with an American flag was requested and I was trying to look for some ideas online but i havent seen much. Has anyone else made one? or are there any suggestions ? Thanks!
Im worried about the color of the flowers on the cake. I dont have an actual color sapphire so i was wondering how id achieve this. Thanks
So I was asked to bake for a dessert table, including a cake for the center. I've never done a dessert table before and I was wondering anyone had any ideas of what I could offer to make for the table besides the cake, cake pops and cupcakes! Thanks!
maybe have them bring pictures of some of the cakes they've done and the conversation will flow from there on techniques and designs
I'm looking to buy in bulk cake boards that are similar to the ones that Wilton makes that are 14 inch squares silver and maybe one and half to two inches thick. Let me know if you know any where please because all I am finding are the thin ones. Thanks in advance!
how can i make hot pink fondant?
i have and i failed. maybe Styrofoam so that the pot sits in it to keep it still but u need a steady base bc its top heavy. Mine just kept falling over
maybe try and make a border to cover some of the mistakes
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