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A bassinet cake would be really cute I think I would like to try it for another baby shower. Thank you though!I was thinking about something like this..(see attachment) does it go together okay? any ideas..
Hi Everyone, I have a family baby shower this Saturday and they asked me to make the cake. The baby shower is for a boy and theme is Camouflage. I would like to do something cute and not just camouflage. I was wondering if I did a 2 tier cake and made the top tier camo and the bottom with a design like stripes, chevron stripes, or dots. Would any of those look good with camouflage? I am not very creative on my own and need help I started making an idea board with color of...
What a great idea to wire bunches together! Thank you so much for the great tips, I'm going to look for that video
Hi, I'm very new at cake decorating. I am making my Grandparents 50th wedding anniv. cake and I wanted to make something like this. Should I paint the circles for the flowers gold before I ruffle the edges? Should I make flowers fondant/gumpaste or just all gumpaste? And how would you attach the ruffled flowers to the cake?Thank you! any other tips would greatly be appreciated!
I just saw them Thank you so much!! It's really nice of you to share them
Hi Flourpots! can you also send me your tips for figures? I am really new to decorating and was up all night trying to make a little doll for the top of my cake. My husband was even helping me We need tips.
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