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Prayers for your son and family as the proceedure date approaches,and for you as you had every right to "CUSS THAT LADY RAGGEDY" but didn't....greater things are yet to come ...<333><
Hang on in there Kakeladi...your day is coming and it is going to be so awesome...Prayin' take um I mean Care <333><
Hey Kakeladi.... LET THIS GO on by like water off a ducks back.Im sure most would agree we do what we do as cakers and bakers because we enjoy bringing JOY. This isn't something you would be happy about down the line...what goes around comes around... At least you are HONESTLY UNEMPLOYED at this time.....the same one inviting you for the ride is the one that will be throwin you under the bus...for real...I will be praying for you to gain HONEST EMPLOYMENT....<333><...
Hello everyone...My first time posting on cake club...well I'm workin on my first Mallard duck cake...or I should say it as been trying to work on me..... Whooo Weee ! After loosing its head a few times I have learned :as a new "caker" that cereal cement...aka...RKT is my friend...Hope to post a pic.when finished....Wish me duck...errr I mean LUCK..... GOD BLESS<333><
You're welcome <333><
"CUPCAYSIA & COMPANY ""KEEPIN' IT SWEET...LIKE IT SHOULD BE"Hope this helps with your business name selection decision. Praying much success and God Bless <333><
How about.... ."CUPCAYSIA".. "The Sweetest Thing In Malaysia !"..Hope this is something you can use..praying for your success or at least it makes you smile. Have a blessed Day <333><
WHEN YOU SLING MUD YOU GET DIRTY TOO !!!... You can't change a person's actions,but you can control how you react...You said your husband and you were thourough as to the money exchange and the amount of product sold matching what was earned and it all balanced out...also she has done this before. It seems that if everything is straight in the books and bank ,,,Yaw owe her nothing.... DO NOT get caught up in all that craziness, Keep serving your...
I know your "sick wit it" but don't quit.....caking is something that is more than just something to is a creative part of you...DON'T STOP doing what you love...people are will pass. The best way to get over not wanting to do more cakes is....DO MORE CAKES.... smile and remember to breathe <333><
Greetings fellow caker, The first thing that came to mind was a cake depicting highlighted items from various topics taught maybe you could have the actual cake like a sheet cake incribed with "THANK YOU" like a card....just a thought <333><
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