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Hey All!Ok so im trying to find a good place to order cupcake boxes. I used to get them from a kitchen store but they seem to never have them anymore so i am wanting to buy cupcake boxes and liners in bulk i just don't know any place that is reliable and wont take forever to ship. Does anyone know a good website to order boxes? im wanting ones that hold 12 or more, not individual boxes. And im wanting the best price possible! Any help would be great! thanks!
Here is my recipe and it comes out perfect each time. I use only name brand powered sugar not the western family or any generic kind, it tends to be way gritty. 1.5 sticks of salted sweet cream butter4 cups powdered sugar ( roughly)1/3 cup canned milk or regular milk (canned is just easier to have on hand and i feel make better frosting)2 tsp vanilla or whatever flavoringIn your mixer beat the butter until nice and smooth, do not scrape the edges. turn mixer off. add...
What if you found cheaper packaging? Like this idea using 9oz clear cups, clear goodie bags and matching ribbon for the occasion.
I wouldn't use store bought icing if i was you. It will not turn out as planned trust me! The icing that she used to make the tweety bird is royal icing. The black outline is thicker then the yellow. The black helps hold in the shape when using the thinner one. Its the same icing they use on those sugar cookies that look so amazing. Here is a blog about getting the perfect royal icing. Hope this will help you! I would just do the whole picture with royal icing. Happy...
Definitely color your buttercream a tan color, white just wont look natural enough. Then try using super fine crushed graham crackers and brown sugar. Mix them together it will create a lot of different color tones just like sand! Then you will need to tip your cake just a bit and you will have to sprinkle it on immediately after frosting it. Good luck!
I ran into this same problem, you do want to assemble it as late as you can. If you want you can try and pipe the outside of the layer with frosting and then put the strawberries in the middle. This creates a wall so the strawberries will weep not as fast. Also take the time to let each layer set up in the fridge before you start the next one. you dont want to stack your cake too fast. Hope this helps/ works for you! ( hope this makes sense as well)
Do you at least have some sort of rolling pin? there is a special rolling pin just for fondant that is like 5-8 bucks at hobby lobby or micheals, and you can use 40% off coupon. But a regular rolling pin should work just fine. When i roll my fondant out i roll it until the rolling pin starts to make lines in the fondant, it should still be pretty thick at this point, then i put more powdered sugar on the top and i use my hand and in a circular motion i even out the...
I use an ice cream scoop to measure my batter so i always have perfect looking cupcakes. It has to be the scoop that has the lever on it. They are only about $5 bucks and TOTALLY worth it!
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