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Thank you! And I just found the premade black from fonderific! Thanks everyone!
Okay. Thanks. Everyone, but one of my main quesions was, does the powder color change the taste of the fondant at all? I know the black gel will give fondant a horrible taste.
Okay. I will try that. Thank you!! I have tried making my own but have never gotten it right. So I just stick to buying it. Lol
So I mix straight powder into the fondant? Or mix the powder color into liquid then into the fondant?? I'm confused. 😕
What do you mix the powder with? Water?
Maybe Ill try the Satin Ice. I really like using the fonderific fondant thought. Tastes great and works well. I dont want to use the chocolate fondant, wont go with the cake I'm making (flavor wise).
I am going to be making my best friends bachelorette cake. I'm doing hot pink fondant on two tiers and black on the other. I don't want to use Wiltons premade black because it tastes horrible. And from previous experience, dying white fontant black with gel color makes it crumble, fall apart, and taste terrible! I have heard powder color will not do that to the fondant but does anyone know if the black powder color will make the fondant tatste terrible? Thanks for you...
I would like this one critiqued. I have another cake like this to do in a month. Any comments would be helpful! thanks!! Maybe how to do do the foot better, that was a bugger to...
I'm in. I can't upload a picture right now, at work. Does anyone want to critique my profile picture? I love feed back. I find it is the best way to learn for me.
Sounds good! thanks for all your help! :) I cant wait to try using them!
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