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OMG! I feel for you because I was in the same situation two years ago! I made a 3 foot tall wine barrel cake for my uncle's surprise 80th birthday. It looked great, we took lots of pictures, etc... It turned out to be extremely hot for October on the day of the party, we had to drive 40 minutes to the destination, uphill on bumpy roads and highways. I sat in the back seat with the cake, as we were driving I was getting very nervouse as I saw the cake shift, so I decided...
kweenofengland - would you please be so kind as to email me a copy of the flyer you use as well?mnmeola@aol.comthanks in advanceMonica
I find that the Wilton ones are better than the Mercken's. I seriously HATE Mercken's... But then again it all depends on what each of us prefers.
Can I also get a copy of the Matrix, pretty please with sprinkles and a cherry on top mnmeola@aol.comthank you in advance
I just sent them an email
I got an email from a distributor that is closest to me, he said that a sales person would contact me shortly, well I am still waiting! ticktockticktock I am going to email them back and see what they say...I will keep you posted.
I requested pricing information last night, but have not heard anything as of yet.
Hi,I just found this online it helps
Good Morning,Sprry for posting this so late, so I am probably of no help to you on this, but just wanted to share. I made this cake for my Uncle's 80th surprise birthday last year. Everything on the cake is edible.It was my first attempt at making something like this. Everyone was raving about it.
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