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If its more gel-ish than liquid/flowy, i think you should be fine as long as you don't put too much. or you can spread the cream on the cake then using a piping bag and a thick round tip, just pipe a line from corner to corner (if the cake is square) or around the edge (if the cake is circle) just to create a "dam" to hold the filling in
thats happened to me before too.. i've realized that it happens when i sort of over whip my swiss meringue buttercream (is that even possible?) but when i remelt it a bit and whip it again, it rights itself..
hi there! when i make my strawberry shortcake, i usually just use stabilized whipped cream. I lay spread the cream on top of the cake and layer my strawberries on the cream and have no problems even the next day. will your strawberry filling be liquid-ish or just cut up fresh strawberries? that may make a difference. i usually only use cut up strawberries.hope that helps!
Hi all!its going to be my first time stacking a buttercream cake... i was wondering, do i need a board in between the tiers? meaning, does my 2nd tier need a cake board (a thin one) under it? if i dont put a board, will the cake sink into the first tier since the dowels can just go through the cake?many many many thanks!!!!!
Hello everyone! I moved to a new country a couple of years ago and just recently started my business here. The problem is, everyone prices their cakes and orders them by weight! Where I grew up, everything was one by size or dimension. Is there'd a way to get the approximate weight of my cakes before baking?Thanks I'm advance!
would they be opposed to modeling chocolate? its a little more expensive but you could try filling and crumb coating the cake with whipped ganache and then cover with modeling chocolate just like you would fondant...
We dont get ready made rkt here, which is really sad.. the cake worked out pretty good though (for my first time) the "oscar" part of the statuette could have used more work but as a whole, it looked good!
Thanks everyone! Will definitely compress as much as i can and brushing with chocolate is something i'd try Tgere us aircon during the day but we close them when we close the office up in the evenining. I've read on another forum that omitting the butter from the recipe will make the rkt stronger.. Any thoughts on that? Also i mixed in some fondant intobmy modelling chocolate.. Howdoes that affect things?
Hello all! Im doing my first rice krispie treat figure for a cake and im covering it with modelling chocolate tomorrow (thursday) and the cake is due on saturday... I know it might be too early to make it but i want to make sure i have time to do something if something goes wrong.. I was wondering how to store the finished product? Current room temperature in my side of thd world is 86F. If anyone can give tips on working with rkt and modelling chocolate would certainly...
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