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Hello everyone,    just a quick question, will reducing the amount of icing sugar affect the stability of my american buttercream?  I use a little bit less than 3 cups of icing sugar for 1 cup of butter.    Any advice??
Hello Cakers!    I'm from a hot part of asia and its even hotter and humid now that summer is starting. I need to make a cake on the 10th (Bake, cool, fondant and decorate) but it is to be picked up and eaten on the 12th.    Since its really quite hot (we're talking 91 degrees F with a humidity level of well... high), any suggestions on how i can avoid sweating/condensation or basically any fondant mishaps? I'm thinking of packing up the cake and putting it into...
Hi! wanted to ask if there is a release date for the browser version for the software? thanks!!
Hello fellow bakers!   i need to make edible photo cookies and i was wondering if i HAVE to use royal icing for them?Can i use regular buttercream icing instead? will the BC make my cookies soggy? 
hello cake experts!just a little question... if my american buttercream is all butter, icing sugar, milk and flavoring and i use it to dirty ice a cake (vanilla butter cake) then cover with fondant, do i need to refrigerate? current temperature where i am is 28degrees celsius or 82 degrees F.thank you!!!
Hello everyone!i need to refrigerate my butter based cake (it will be covered in fondant) and i was wondering if anyone has any idea how long it would take for the cake to come back to room temperature? it seems like it takes the butter based cakes longer to warm up again but so, so fast to cool. the cake is going to be roughly the size of the wilton ball pan. thank you in advance!!
Hello everyone,How long is the shelf life of rice krispie treats? I have an order for decorated rkt pops and need to put a best before sticker... Most of what i've read say 2-4 days but any chance/way to make them last longer??Thank you in advance!
Thanks again everyone! DaryaC, I use satinice... its the only brand I can get easily in my part of the world...
Thank you for replying! At least now im more calm about it and i know what its not just something i did. Thanks again!
Hi all,I just got some feedback for a cale that i did a couple of weeks ago... The lady said that the woman who ordered the cake was really happy but the other friends did not like the cake very much because they said that the fondant was "hard and chewy" I believe that fondant dries like this normally but am i wrong? And ideas why it could have been "hard and chewy"I usually cover my cakes with fondant the day before and cover it losely with cling film until the next...
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