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When the CFL states no refrigeration it usually means you can't use perishable fillings etc. that REQUIRE refrigeration, not that you can't refrigerate your cakes at all. I bake under a CFL and I chill all my cakes prior to delivery for stability purposes not because they need to be kept cold to prevent spoiling.
Boards from brboxes and boxes from country kitchen, drums I make myself from foam board.
Are you talking about making the letters out of candy melts? How thick? Thicker they are, heavier they are.   Depending on the gauge of the wire it may or may not be too heavy.   Have you considered using wooden skewers instead?
I used to get all butt hurt when someone copied my cakes, but not anymore. No one copies ugly cakes, so I take it as a compliment.
I always use a box, even if I have to get creative and tape 2 together for large cakes. I wouldn't want the pizza guy showing up at my door with a unboxed pizza, or my Chinese take out uncovered, regardless how clean the delivery guys car may be.
  Oh yes, I've encountered this exact thing. Allergies are so cool , people who don't have them claim to have them just to have something to complain about.
What kind of board is that for the very bottom? Is it just a single cardboard cake round?
Add a small amount of black to white and then a tiny dab of yellow coloring, the yellow cancels out the purple/blue tint that black gives.
I do fondant scallops on bc all the time. Just ice the cake as you normally would and then let it chill in the fridge, not freezer. You want it cold and hard, then lay your fondant on top and smooth down the sides about 2 inches and then cut the scallops and remove the excess fondant. If you work fast before condensation begins gathering on the bc you should be able to do it without leaving any marks on the bc. If you do get a smudge or a smear just re-chill and smooth...
Boxed, always. Even if I have to MacGyver a box to make it big enough. Just imagine the pizza guy delivering your pizza without a box.....
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