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It's not just businesses that are targeted. The same thing happened to me when I posted a dryer for sale on craigs list. Deaf prospective buyer (so no phone calls) wants to send money for asking price plus $xxx for shipping through their personal courier, etc. I let them send me the fake cashier's check hoping to get a return address to report to the police. The police told me to report it to the BBB. I reported it, but I'm sure nothing became of it.
Thanks for sharing Relznik! BTW, the photos of your peacock cake are absolutely beautiful, especially the one where everything except the cake is in black and white!
Thanks jason_kraft! That's what I wanted to hear/read :)
Thanks for the input scrumdiddlycakes and Relznik! If you have pictures and time, I would really love to see your booths  I have a pretty good idea on what we're going to do at this point thanks to all the great advice everyone has provided on here. However, I will remain nervous and worried that I'm missing something until the expo since this is my first. Even my husband is nervous 
Is this who you use? Is their coverage comparable to others? How about their customer service? I ask because I usually hear one or two (usu. The Hartford) get recommended on here, but have never heard of flipogram. $300/year would be fantastic if it's the same coverage!
Oh, ok. It looks white in the picture. Thanks!
My insurance is $425/yr. from the Hartford - up to $1 mil. I'm a CFO baker though (in WA). They said I can break it down to as much as 4 quarterly payments, but there would be an added $5/installment. I think I'll try to just swallow the pill whole to save a few bucks :)
cai0311 & Annabakescakes: Thank you for giving me the details! You've been a tremendous help in my planning! cai0311: I forgot to ask you what kind of cake stand your green and white damask cake is on, if you don't mind sharing. Did you make it? Crown molding?   MyThreeCakes: Thank you for sharing your picture! I love your display on the shelves. Maybe if I plan to do more shows, I'll invest in some type of shelves also, or better displays. We'll see how this one...
  Really? That bad? I was just thinking it might look nicer to be able to pipe a small dollop on top of the cake piece and still be able to put the lid on without ruining the cute dollop. Is that what this vendor did? And it still looked bad?     Lol - math out on me anytime (I've had tons of calculus and statistics classes ;) I appreciate you taking the time to run the numbers and look up the dimensions for me! Excellent point on having a problem finding a place for...
Thank you Annabakescakes and cai0311! I will take both of your advice and plan to make around 2000 samples and bring them all the first day.    I found 4 oz. souffle cups with lids for about the same price as the 2 oz. cups. I'm thinking it might just be big enough for me to put the sample flat inside and still have room to pipe a small dollop on top of it without the lid mashing it. We'll see! If not, I will put them in sideways!  I'm also hoping that the lid will...
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