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I just posted on the fb page about what you were told about ganache. She said she hadn't heard of this and will look into it.
Oh no! I wonder if my ganache will stay approved during my renewal. That blows! I thought it was 60% sugar, which isn't quite 3:1. Another place to ask questions is the Washington State Cottage Food facebook page:   Felicia Hill runs the page. She's responsible for getting the Cottage Food Law passed in WA and was the first to get approved for a permit.
My SMBC is:  3/4 cup pasteurized egg whites 1 1/2 cups sugar 1 lb 2 oz unsalted butter   And yes, my ganache is just chocolate and cream using a 2:1 ratio for dark and 3:1 ratio for white.   I wonder if it's just a difference between the counties? It's still pretty new to WA. Did you try asking your regional manager? I asked mine when I didn't agree with what my reviewer said :) I say definitely get a 2nd and 3rd opinion.   Good luck!
I got both my ganache and SMBC approved. My primary reviewer did not approve my ganache at first. I was her first CFO review. She consulted with someone else and ended up approving it. I used pasteurized egg whites for my SMBC. This was through Thurston County. What county are you in?
I actually heard back from the person in charge of licensing, Erin Dippold, at Wild Brain Entertainment via email. She said that I can do a Yo Gabba Gabba cake for personal use and even encourage fans to post pics on their facebook page.  It would be okay for me to post pics on my business page as representation of my work/talent...  However, she couldn't grant permission for me to market and sell the cake. Good thing I called back and asked for written permission!...
It's not for another 2 weeks. I will post the pics, but only if the cake turns out good 
I'm going to play it safe. Even though my cake will be for my son and won't be for sale (per se ), I will be posting pics of it to my website and fb business page as samples of my work that I've done, and work I can do.
Ok. Thanks!
I did not get written permission. I talked to them over the phone. They said they encourage people to do them and post them to their pinterest page... so, it's not a one time permission... Do I need to get written permission?
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