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I'm going to do a wedding expo next month and would appreciate some advice.  What do you think of some sort of incentive at the booth? A discount to book that day/that month/by next month?  A booth drawing for some prize?  Enter the expo prize drawing?  What would the prize be?  The top 6" free?  Some % off or set amount off (e.g., $50)? A free 6" anniversary cake?  I was advised last year at my 1st expo that giving a discount tells people that you're charging too much in...
I spoke with Susan Brandt and she said as long as no one benefited financially from the cake, then I'm good to go! I'll post the photos soon :) She even asked me to email her the photos so they can share it on their fb page.
Thank you Jason and K8!   I'm going to continue to try to get permission until Thanksgiving, but I've decided to do the cake regardless. I know there's a risk if I don't get permission, but this is an important cake and I want to give the girl what she wants. So, maybe I don't post the photos. That's fine.   Thank you both for your input!
Thank you Jason! Much appreciated.   Can I ask you a follow up question? I expressed my concern to my IS representative and she said, "...if the baker is willing, we are also willing to accept the risk in order to serve these families. Because volunteers are individuals serving others for no profit, we consider the cake to be for personal use and is of little risk trademark owners would see an organization serving critically-ill children as damaging their trademark. That...
Has anyone had luck getting permission to do a Dr. Suess cake?   I've sent a request to 2 possible emails with an explanation that it's for Icing Smiles and for a terminally ill child, in hopes that that might sway them to give me permission.
Looks amazing! How exciting! Indiana?
Just thinking...   I'm going to call some health departments out in MD next week, but wondering if anyone might already know the answer on here:   Can you have a 2nd kitchen in your house to bake out of if it's commercial? I've been looking at real estate out there and see that there are a lot of basements, and some have a kitchen. Would it be legal to just renovate it into a commercial kitchen? Or would it have to be detached? 
I wonder if it would be possible to take an order for a cake, and bring ordered cakes, at the Farmer's Market (or other public events)? No delivery or picking up at your home involved.
I might be moving to MD in a year or so and just wanted to follow this thread. I would be more than happy to help in any way I can to help expand the current restrictions. That is, help in whatever way possible while still across the country :/
Congratulations ShannonDavie! That's too bad that they gave you a hard time about talking to other people. On the one hand, I can see how it might make their jobs harder, but on the other hand, it's their job! And you were just trying to do what was right for you. Anyway, thanks for not "ratting me out!" I'm almost certain Felicia has SMBC approved for her permit also. I think I'll email my inspector and ask him about this. He was super duper helpful and thorough and...
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