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Thank you for sharing
I realize that this is a super old thread, but since you seem to have experience with making dulce de leche in the pressure cooker, you may have the answer to my question.  I also make it that way... and yes, my family also eats it straight out of a can, cooked or uncooked . The question is, can you cook a can that has tabs to open or only the regular kind. They seem to be coming out with the tabs on a lot of brands (including Borden, my preferred brand). Thanks in...
I think you will probably need to get excel or a program that can read and manipulate excel files.  Each cell has formulas that will automatically update the price, etc.  This is for PC, but I am sure macs can read pc files these days assuming you have the correct program to run it. good luck
Thank you so much for sharing! I had no idea how to figure out the cost, and although I don't bake for a living, every now and then I am asked to make one.  
Great ideas.... I have tried strawberry puree, fresh sliced, chopped, etc. My preference is chopped in a food processor.  I didn't have a chance to try a few more tweaks today, but certainly will use some of your suggestions. (hopefully later this week) I won't use Jello -as I am aiming for organic and no animal products.... now I want to try the idea of peach... yum  
Thank you everyone! I will try with a little food coloring.  I was trying to avoid that but I'll use India Tree natural coloring and see what happens. Has anyone used that brand? I guess I'll just try a little at a time until I get a nice color... I was convinced I was doing something wrong because every picture I ever see has all this pretty pink shade. 
Sure! I need to type the changes but I'll pm you the recipe this week.
Hello! I have been tweaking a recipe I have for Strawberry cake -made from scratch, all organic ingredients,  no additives, jello, pudding, etc.  The cake comes out really good and I love the taste, but it looks brown, not pink! For the life of me I can't figure out what am I doing wrong.  It does use butter instead of oil and I am wondering if that will make a difference.. or if the sugar, which is not as refined is causing the brown color.  It is not overbaked, just...
I first contacted Alan privately because I was ready to let my credit card know about what I thought was happening.  He reassured me and this thread that the problem was being addressed and was eventually fixed.  I was happy to give them the benefit of the doubt.     It is clear to me that the problem hasn't been fully resolved.   I received a call from my credit card last night regarding an affidavit I had faxed them (regarding the fraudulent charges) and in it...
Happy to see that Alan came on board and offered a rather detailed explanation and apology. Thank you. I agree with the comments made about not alerting customers of the security breach. Being proactive goes a long way towards building trust and good Customer Service.  Glad to see that it's fixed now. Let's hope it doesn't happen again.
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