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You can buy from
I'm glad I bought Agbay.Just did torte and level my cake, very easy. I torte 2 cakes (6") in one
If the taste still good, no sour or bitter...I'll eat it !
Oops, I name Yvonne Nice to know you Silvia
Now, I'm thinking about airbrush...already in my cart in Amazon..aaarrrggh..
Agbay is a very good cake leveler..they have Junior 12" but I bought 20" (because I think maybe I "need" the future ). I'm newbie The biggest cake I made was 12x12...I level and torte by knife...The big reason I bought Agbay
I really want to try but $$$$$, I'll watching and reading another member says about this stuffs. It looks cool..
Welcome to CC, I'm a newbie too...just started a few months a go. So, you more senior than me. Your English is okay...I live in Hawaii and I came from Indonesia. My English maybe worse than you
My cake stuffs still fits in 3 big Amazon boxes now...the problem is living space. So, I hide my stuffs under the desk, inside my closet, my oven full with pans...everytime I want to bake ( and very often), I had to pull them out and put in balcony until was done baking that day.I was thinking to sell all my scrapbooking stuffs, but I canceled. I love them too. I love my cake stuffs, pastry stuffs... true !!! I started with Wilton, thought their product cute and good enough. Now...hell no, I bought Agbay for professional and I just a hobby baker.
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