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I'm using Satin Ice. I tried Duff, I don't like it....too soft for me, maybe because I live in Hawaii.Wilton was easy to use but taste awful.I don't use MMF, we are vegetarian..and Satin Ice is vegan..means, no gelatin.
I just bought airbrush for cake today. Because I just a hobby baker, even though maybe someday I want to receive order to make custom cake. I tried to buy not an expensive one, so..I went to Harbor Freight and got about $89.99 without airbrush color and for color I bought from TCP, but remember to check out with google..I got free shipping. 24 color 4.5oz $74 something...
This is interesting thread.I can't grow my nail long since maybe I was, I never grow my nail. Even though I wanted when I was teenager..then I married and had a baby. So, I keep my finger and nail short and clean...after my baby grown up, I'm cooking for family and just habit...I don't like my hair hanging around my face, I'm diver too. Believe me, as a diver you don't want your hair hanging around your face or flying around in the water like mermaid..The habit...
Thanks for sharing...definitely will try, and believe me I clean my kitchen myself LOL
I'm newbie and had big problem with leveling, not now after I bought Agbay. I'll cry if someone tell me to push my beautiful cake to make it level..LOL
You won't regret ! I keep my Agbay in my closet...we live in very small apartment in Honolulu.
KoryAk, this made me laugh !
You're right..I'm a newbie and got many free experience from the expert in here. So, many awesome ladies with idea and tips
Yes, Saulite you're right...When I decided to buy, there was a time I felt regret spending so much money. Now, I'm glad I did...this is really good product.
Enjoy your delicious cake
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