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Thank you sooo much. I appreciate this...really deep. I love this magazine and inspired me for many cakes I made. Thank you again
Yes, that's the problem...:)
Thank you for answering my email and this thread. Yes, I had subscription with apps...I canceled and subscribe again from the web. I got email said  I can download 7 times and will expire 10/18/2013. My iPad tablet from the first generation it won't get IOS 7, that's the problem. So, I almost birthday on October 25th. I don't know what will I get iPad or Android as a gift. I downloaded all magazines I bought to, my question. Can I still download to my new...
Okay, I just don't where to ask. So, I ask in here. I have a subscription with Cake Central magazine via iPad. Almost 2 iPad not the brand new one...its old...its iPad 1. After one I updated the Cake Central app, it won't open..the magazine won't open. Okay, I knew maybe I have to upgrade my tablet. So, I went to my PC...but it asked my email and my zip code and said..I don't have any subscription with Cake Central Magazine. How come ? I tried to
You didn't overcharged....that was really good. 
I don't know will it help. If you have iPad and buy Cake Central magazine from iPad (emagazine). I opened mine and there is Craftsy advertising, I clicked it and the prize for all classes $19.99...I bought 13 classes ...whhheeeuw
Thank you...just order Release Dit
Yeah please, so not only me looking this matrix
Hi, same here.. I live in tiny town in PA...we moved from Honolulu, my husband lost his job. So, now kinda urgent for me to start my own cake business. If anybody can help and advice me ? I'd be so happy. Thank you...
So, if I use SMBC how long I keep my cake in refrigerator ? Is that refrigerator or freezer ?
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